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‘Now’ is actually ‘Then’. Old photo of river Ganga has Priyanka Gandhi added digitally in it.

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2 versions of a set of photos are viral where two different photos of Ganga river are used, the top one is claimed as “Then” in English and “Ganga during Congress rule” in Bengali is written on dirty river and “Now” in English and “Ganga during Modi’s rule” in Bengali is written on a clean looking Ganga river with Priyanka Gandhi drinking from it.

Following post by a Bengali page ‘namosupporters.bengal’ till now received 4600 + shares


The bottom photo, the cleaner one, is falsely claimed as of from Modi’s Government rule. The photo is of Year 2012 i.e. before Modi Ji became PM.

The image is also photoshopped i.e. it’s made of 2 images, Priyanka Gandhi’s photo is of 18th March when she visited Sangam and the background is of Year 2012

Photo forensics proves that the photo of the clean Ganga was taken in January 2012 by Nikon D90 camera.

ABP News uploaded the video of Priyanka Gandhi’s visit, taken from different angle

A similar Fake News was spread in Feb 2019 as 10 Year challenge and was debunked by SMHoaxSlayer

Viral Images of Ganga river has photos wrongly captioned.

The first photo i.e. the top one is from Year 2009 which was used falsely by Congress last year to target Modi government.

This was taken in 2009 by Prakash Singh, being sold on Getty Images, a Photo repository portal


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