Solar Plant was not vandalized because of a BJP MP.

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A Video of people damaging solar panels is viral claiming –
“Do you have any idea what they are doing? Ashok Saxena,Indian Parliament Member(BJP)said if people use solar energy, the Sun God will get angry . Now BJP Sanghis started destroying solar panels!!!”

The following post was in Official Facebook group of Aam Aadmi Party with 2 Lakh above members. It had more than 15000 shares before deletion.

The following had approx 22000 shares


The following is a Pakistani handle is trying to mock us based on Fake News


Strangely the same video was viral in February 2018 but that time it was just the opposite. BJP supporters claimed this to be Gujarat and this vandalism organized by ANti Modi / Jignesh Shah, Hardik Patel etc.


First of all, there is no Ashok Saxena to be found as BJP MP, so quote can’t be affiliated to him.

Secondly this vandalism took place in February 2018 reported to be in Chalisgaon, Maharastra. The reason for this was the Daily wage workers were not paid their wages.

A Indian Portal dedicated to Nature and energy reported

“Watch: #SolarPanels at 100 Mw solar plant in #Maharashtra#vandalized due to non payment of wages- for more information visit – http://www.climatesamurai.com/ 



The same was tweeted by NDTV News Anchor Gargi Rawat

It was also reported by Go News 24X7 whose director is one of the most popular senior journalist Pankaj Pauchari

“Employees of a solar plant in Maharashtra’s Chalisgaon, vandalise the solar panels as a protest against non payment of their wages. “



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