No, Gurmehar @mehartweets  didn’t call Army impotent ? There is more to it. Read on…

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No, she didn’t say any such thing, you can read a detailed analysis with proofs here – https://smhoaxslayer.com/the-curious-case-of-gurmehar-kaur-characters/
Change of words too – “I’M not afraid of ABVP” on a placard to “I hate ABVP” campaign.

You may find both similar but the name of campaign (if there was any) changes the meaning.
Now what could be the reason behind such lie ? Is the website against Gurmehar ? In favor of ABVP. None I guess.

The purpose is ‘Money’. And this is such a clever example of conning people, making use of Social Media to mint money.

“चित्त भी मेरी, पट्ट भी मेरा” is the clause here.
The title is shocking, makes one wonder, Oh My God, how can she say this and out of curiosity you click on the link. Now the webpage has advertisement, so you basically helped them to earn.

Beauty of the con is the Shock value. With such headline, everyone, for or against her will surely click and visit article page.
The owner/editor is one Mr. Neeraj Naruka, who also share such news on his facebook wall with tagging 100s of friends who doesn’t know him even. Purpose ? To get more traffic/hits on the page, ultimately to earn more.
It’s last year’s lie Slayed by me – https://smhoaxslayer.com/either-the-author-of-this-article-is-a-moron-or/

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