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Last month’s Hyderabad murder due to a family feud is viral with false communal angle.

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A set of two videos is viral in which a man is being seen killed in broad day light on a busy road. The videos are viral as Muslim youths made an example for “Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai” by killing a Hindu youth.

Two different texts are viral along with the video, few claimed this crime took place in Andhra Pradesh while others claimed the from Guwahati.

First Viral claim –

“आंध्र प्रदेश में मुस्लिम युवकों ने हिन्दू- मुस्लिम भाईचारे की मिसाल कायम करते हुए एक हिन्दू युवक को दिनदहाड़े चाकू से गोद कर मार डाला…
ये कोई पहली घटना नही है ,ऐसी घटना आये दिन रोज़ इस भारत देश मे हिन्दुओ के साथ होती रहती है, वामपंथी और सेक्युलर सरकार मुस्लिम वोट बैंकिंग के चककर में हिन्दुओ को अपनी मौत का भी न्याय नही मिल पाता…
ये सब सिर्फ आंध्र प्रदेश में ही नही ,देश के अन्य राज्यो केरल,कश्मीर, पश्चिम बंगाल, राजस्थान व अधिकांशत राज्यो में घटित हो रहा है ….
लेकिन हिन्दू जातिवाद में घिरकर अपनी कायरता का परिचय देते हए ये सब देखकर मौन (चुप) रहता है ,हिन्दू ही हिन्दुओ के साथ हो रहे अन्याय पर खड़ा नही होता… जिसका परिणाम हर हिन्दू भुगतेगा ,वह दिन दूर नही जब हिन्दूओ की हत्या उसके घर के अंदर ही होगी ,धनवान और अमीर बनने की लालसा ने हिन्दुओ को उसके धर्म और संस्कर्ति से दूर कर दिया ..

👉 कल कश्मीर में हुआ
👉आज मेवात(हरयाणा)में हो रहा है
👉कल हमारे घर मे भी होगा
जहाँ आबादी कम,वहाँ हिन्दू भाईजान
जहाँ आबादी ज्यादा,वहाँ हिन्दुओ की ले लो जान
ऐसा है भारत का मुसलमान”

Second viral claim-

भीषण हत्या: गुवाहाटी शहर के नोनमाटी इलाके में एक रितुपर्णा पेगू की दिन के उजाले में गला रेत कर हत्या कर दी गई हूं ।
छोटी सी नोकझोंक के बाद हुसैन अली और उसके साथियो ने मिलकर इस शर्मनाक घटना को अंजाम दिया।
क्या इसे लिंचिंग कहा जाए… या नहीं…. ओह….सॉरी…..लिंचिंग तो सिर्फ मुस्लिमों की होती है…. भले ही वो रोडरेज हत्या हो…. 😥


A “Akshay Shastri” posted


Second Version claiming this crime from Guwahati –

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All were Muslims, the victim was not a Hindu but a Muslim, half brother of the killers.

This crime took place on 5th June and police arrested 4 out of 5 killers on 10th June. The killers were half brothers of the victim. Location – Hyderabad, Telangana

VictimMohammad Imran Khan

Accused – Mohammed Mehtab Khan (25), Mohammed Taleb Khan (28), Mohd Arbaz Khan (19), and Mohammed Amir (19). A fifth accused, Mohd Ghouse Khan, is absconding.

The Hindu reported

“The South Zone Task Force cracked the case of a youth who was murdered in broad daylight on June 5, and apprehended four persons who are the victim’s half-brothers.

The accused were identified as Mohammed Mehtab Khan (25), Mohammed Taleb Khan (28), Mohd Arbaz Khan (19), and Mohammed Amir (19). A fifth accused, Mohd Ghouse Khan, is absconding.

According to police, Mohammed Ghalib Khan, now deceased, had two wives – Habeebunnisa and Rukhsana. While the former’s children are residents of Chandranagar in Yakutpura, the latter’s stay in Murtuza Nagar, also in Yakutpura.

Police said that after Ghalib’s death, Habeebunnisa’s elder son was given a government job on compassionate grounds. It was due to this that the accused, who are Rukhsana’s sons, allegedly nursed a grudge. They then allegedly decided to murder one of her sons.

The accused allegedly waited for a chance and attacked Mohd Imran Khan, who is Habeebunnisa’s second son. They allegedly attacked him with knives on Jaffar Road, when he went out to recharge his mobile, and fled the scene.

Based on information, the Task Force apprehended the accused and seized three knives and two two-wheelers from their possession.”

Times of India reported the same

The video below is posted by a local site which gave complete detail in it’s description, it shows the accused arrested and also a video of the location where this happened.

We also contacted India Today’s Hyderabad correspondent Mr. Ashish Pandey who helped us with details




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