Kangana didn’t ask Hindus to put a Loudspeaker on their rooftop. 

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Kangana didn’t make any statement asking all Hindus to put a Loudspeaker on their roof and play Hanuman Chalisa at the time of Azaan.

This by now must have had more than 20000 shares. Why you may ask ? Because this lie agrees with people’s biased views. They don’t look for truth.

She did express her views when the Sonu Nigam issue arouse but not this.

I’d say this fake news is not about communal hatred. It’s more for minting money.

Check the page – Ajit Doval Fan Club.

Now with such name what should be the posts about ? Obviously Ajit Doval. But this page all sorts of fake intresting stuff with tempting headlines which are called “ClickBaits”. You click on them, give them good website traffic, click on banners, give them good money.

Anoter fan team of Kangana Ranaut rubbishes this. Not credible page though.

Fake: https://www.facebook.com/ajitdovalfanclub/photos/a.172685733171780.1073741828.172141096559577/308812609559091/

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