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Viral video of RSS workers killing Muslims is False

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A video of a violent mob beating up a man with sticks and stones has been going around social media with the caption: “RSS terrorists brutally killing innocent Muslims”.


The video is mostly viral on Twitter after the Twitter handle ناصحهم لوجه الله posted this video in April. The Tweet has around 1500 retweets and more than 40,000 views.

Upon a closer look at this account, it can be seen that the user is Arab based and has posted quite a few fake visuals in the past too.


The video initially appeared on February 5, 2020. Contrary to what the caption suggests, neither the RSS was involved nor was it a case of communal violence.

A reverse image search on google led back to various media reports related to the same video. The video was shot in Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district where six people were attacked by a mob, leading to the death of one farmer.


Several media sites claim that the people attacked were farmers from the Sanwer area of Indore. They had paid money to contract labourers who failed to supply the promised labour. The contractors called them to the Khirkiya village in Dhar under the ruse of paying their money back and decided to attack them in a pre-planned manner. They failed in their attempt since all six of them escaped in their vehicles.

All six of them were followed till Borlai village where they got stuck in traffic. Till then the contractors and their men spread the rumour that these farmers were fleeing after lifting children from Khirkiya. This resulted in the formation of an angry mob who hacked the farmers with stones.

Times of India posted this video with the same news and video. Since multiple phones were used to record the videos, their video had a different angle. However, we can still spot some similarities between their post and the viral video.

The full story of the incident can be read here.

The same video has resurfaced in the past too, under the claim of it being a video shot during the Delhi riots.

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