Inception is real! Did Israel’s PM accepted Indian PM is more powerful & entire political opponents are with Pakistan ?

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Did Israel’s PM accepted Indian PM is more powerful & entire political opponents are with Pakistan ?
Not even a shred of truth and the post has 10,000 shares within hours and the poster mint money.
Inception is real! Dominick Cobbs are all around us planting ideas in our mind. No dream within dream within dream…. anymore.
No Action, No sleep, No dreams needed to plant ideas.
What Nolan Showed us 7 years back as Science Fiction is very much real now.

People all around are so biased, so consumed in their own world, living in a cocoon that no outer light can enter, no space for truth anymore.

Lie: Post at Ajit Doval Fan Club
A photo picked up from last year’s meeting of Indian FM Sushma Swaraj & Islrael’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu.
A popular page running under Ajit Doval’s Name use the photo with a text what he thinks people will like and share and won’t care for truth and so right he was.

You can scroll the page and check what crap it is posting, click bait headlines for higher traffic on his sites laden with advertising banners everywhere, ultimately minting money.

Just two days back this page posted another lie that Kangana Ranaut Says All Hindus should put a loudspeaker on their roof and Play Hanuman Chaalisa during Azaan which was debunked here.

You can see more of his high IQ posts



Lie: https://www.facebook.com/ajitdovalfanclub/posts/310820972691588:0
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