The viral video claiming the meeting point of rivers, Ganga and Yamuna is false.

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On 6th July a video was shared in Facebook claiming that it is the meeting point of Ganga and Yamuna.

This video was shared by Rashtra Badi Pracharak with the caption “গঙ্গা এবং যমুনার মিলনস্থল দর্শন করুন।”.


The following video has been shared by more than 5200 people


This video is not the meeting point of Ganga(Triveni Sangam).

We closely looked at the boat, which is visible in this particular video and generally we don’t witness these yachts in Ganga. If we move forward in the color of the water it is also different, comparing to the water of Indian rivers. The are coverage of the sea above is very wide as well.

We further looked into it and we found these videos where it clearly states it to be Mediterranean Sea in-between Libya and Italy.



We even found out the videos showing the meeting place of Ganga and Yamuna.

Hence these days there is a lot of fake videos or real videos with misinformation is shared and circulated in the social media and it reaches to thousands of people as these days social media is hugely popular with the term convergence of media. This is why it is very important to fact check before posting or sharing something in social media.

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Souvik Saha

Journalism Student of Symbiosis.