Fake images viral under the name of Ravish Kumar.

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Ravish Kumar, a popular journalist has been in much news recently. It’s been in news that he has been getting threat calls, abuses, trolled on social media etc.

Two images have been viral for last few days, one is in his favor, another against but both are fake.


First Image

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When contacted by SMHoaxSlayer, Mr. Ravish denied it and said he didn’t know about this and asked us to try it out and find. On calling it, the phone was cut without any message or name.

Second Image

This post on Facebook Page Hindustan Supports Modi has approx 6700 shares since yesterday i.e 29th May 2018




This claims that Ravish said “A 14 Lane highway will increase theft and will result in cutting of thousands of trees, will increase pollution” following which reaction to this fake quote is written “This man is a disgrace under name of a journalist. Whether the government does something or not, his job is just to criticize

When contacted, Mr. Ravish Kumar denied saying this. Further the post itself didn’t give out any credible link or video too along with he post.

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