Don’t panic, the horrifying bus ‘U’ turn video is not real.

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A shocking video is viral in which a bus driver makes a horrifying U turn on a high narrow road. How can a bus driver take such risky turn, it shows the rear wheels rises in the air, shows the bus about to fall in the valley. While many called it computer generated, others took it as real and inquired us to verify.




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The video is not real, it’s computer generated. Probably trimmed from a Chinese simulator software which we couldn’t yet confirm.

While many called it fake, computer generated “koi bachha bhi bata sakta hai” but many thought it to be real.
1. Shock value takes over the observation capacity.
2. The video viral on WhatsApp is so compressed and blurred, one can’t find the details.

On searching by keywords we found a higher resolution video of the same. It had many proofs that the video is not real but computer generated.

1. On the first reverse, the bushes on the ground on which the bus ran, springs up immediately as if nothing happened to them.

2. The leaves and branches on the road which were behind the bus comes in front where it shows floating in the air without support

3. Same anomalies in the second reverse gear too.

Look at the video embedded below where we highlighted the errors and added zoomed/bigger versions of the wrongs too.



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