Did Share Bazaar display ‘Don’t vote for Modi” on it’s ticker ?

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A photo of BSE building is viral (15450 shares on FB) with “Don’t vote for Modi” written on the Stock Market share price ticker.
The text along with the image says
“Mumbai ke share bazaar ne bhi ab likh diya
Don’t vote for Modi.
Zoom karo aur dekho”

A Page Named Deen aur Duniya’s Post till now has more than 15450 shares



Facebook Group “मुस्लिम ऑनलाइन सेना= से जो जुड़ेगा 50 मुस्लिम फ्रेंड्स को ऐड करें” post had 426 shares by now

Secular Vs Communal Page posted



The Ticker has been edited digitally and “Don’t vote for Modi” has been added.

On 14th, stand up comedian Kunal Kamra tweeted this image along with other modified ones and had more than 3000 retweets, to which BSE replied.

BSE warned and replied



The image used for editing is quite popular and is on BSE official website too


Wikimedia posted a high resolution image of the same



More Fakes.




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