Was this AC bike made in India ? Read a completely different story.

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This photo has been making rounds for long claiming the man standing next to the bike has made this bike which is closed and have air-conditioning.

A Usual Fake News spreading page “The Youth” says the same and ask people to make him popular without giving out the name/location/date and any source.

Never believe in any image with this following logo – The Youth

Its their usual practice to spread lies for getting popularity which they did.

They usually pick up any interesting thing on Social Media, whether its true or not.



Neither is the bike has AC nor is it indian.

The logo in front of the bike is of “Carver”. The bike has 3 wheels and is a concept DVC vehicle (Dynamic Vehicle Control).

You can read more about the company Carver by clicking here

An online forum¬†3Wheeleers.com¬†says –¬†

“Vandenbrink first started to look at Man Wide Vehicles (MWV) in 1989 when Chris van den Brink put together a team of designers. In 1994 Chris van den Brink and Harry Kroonen invented the basic concept of Dynamic Vehicle Control¬† (DVC) where by input to a car type steering wheel would result in optimal ‘motorcycle-type’ tilt of the vehicle‚Äôs chassis. Over the next couple of years two Carver Prototypes will built with constant improvements to the hydraulic tilting system and in 1997 the vehicle became approved by the Dutch Government Road Authority to be driven on public roads.¬† Manufactured in Holland, the Carver is a ‚ÄúTilting 3-wheeler‚ÄĚ which unlike ordinary vehicles tilts the same as a motorcycle when cornering The DVC system varies depending upon the speed of the vehicle.¬† Turning whilst going slow will keep the Carver almost upright but with increased speed the Carver will tilt further in the same way a motorcycle does. In the second picture you can also see how the Carver behaves on gravel/sand performing like a speedway motorcycle where the front wheel counter steers.¬† The tilting system also means that a car just 1.30 m wide can¬† reach cornering speeds of Porsches and¬† Ferrari’s.

This is because the Carver  can tilt up to 45 degrees to each side.  Furthermore within 1 second the Carver can tilt from full left to full right. The vehicle is powered by a 660cc 4-cylinder engine that also features a turbo intercooler.  This combined with a light weight steel chassis  with a 2 seater (monocoque design) body that is covered by  composite panels gives the Carver a top speed of around 120mph (190kmh). The Vandenbrink has passed EU homologation test which means that Carvers were allowed all through the EU which saw the company trade as Carver Europe.

Due to the price of a Carver (around ¬£45,000 –¬† ‚ā¨50,000) sales of the vehicle were not as great as hoped for and in July 2009 the company filed for bankruptcy and ceased producing vehicles.¬† The technology behind the Carver‚Äôs innovative¬† leaning technology, ‚ÄúAdvanced Technology Licensing Company‚ÄĚ is still in business so whilst no more Carvers may be built. the technology behind it may one day end in future vehicle.

In 2010 the technology was licensed by Persu Ventures in the USA and manufacture is expected to start in 2012.¬† Whilst the original Carver can fetch up to 65 mpg a new hybrid version called the ‚ÄúPersu Hybrid‚ÄĚ is being designed with a body that produces lower drag coefficient.¬†

The Persu Hybrid parallel hybrid will include an internal combustion engine, an electric motor and a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) that is expected to fetch around 100 mpg (achieved by 75+ mpg on fuel and an electric range of around 20 miles).¬† Top speed is estimated to be around 100 mph”

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