Covid-19 vaccine can not give you magnetic powers, the viral claims are false.

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In recent viral videos on several social media platforms, people are claiming to have gained magnetic powers post Covid-19 vaccination in different parts of the country. Steel utensils and tools can be seen sticking to their skin without any external force.




All such claims made by these people are misleading. There is no scientific proof to back up these claims.

Attached below is the composition of the vaccines Covishield and Covaxin, uploaded on the official website of Ministry of Health and family welfare. The composition has no metal ingredients involved thereby nullifying the claims of gaining magnetic powers.

The doses of vaccines are given in less than a millimeter. Even if the vaccines did contain any metal substance, the amount is not sufficient for magnetic reaction.


The video below clearly states there is no strong evidence that Covid-19 vaccines contain any metallic substance.


Press Information Bureau on their official twitter handle clarified all the myth regarding the bizarre magnetic side effect claim and said that the vaccines are entirely safe.

The stickiness is simply due to the surface oil or surface tension of the human body. Surface oil is a waxy substance called sebum. It lubricates the skin.

This myth has been viral in other countries as well and has been promptly debunked






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Surabhi Srivastava

Student of Journalism at Symbiosis institute of Media and Communication, Pune