Congress Facebook page ad was sponsored in Pakistan too.

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Yesterday many claimed Congress official Facebook page was promoting a post with PM’s photo containing text “Modi Hatao Desh Bachao”  in Pakistan too.

Facebook has recently made few changes to keep political ads transparent, accessible to people. Facebook added a tab “Info and Ads” which gives info on the currently running ads by the page and targeted countries

BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya tweeted “Official Congress page sponsoring ads on Facebook in Pakistan to remove Modi!”

Priti Gandhi, National In-Charge of Social Media – BJP Mahila Morcha also tweeted the same


Many called this Fake and Photoshop i.e. edited image

e.g a self-claimed News/Media Personality, RTI Activist, Abhishek MIshra also replied to Amit Maliviya’s tweet “THIS IS REAL PIC… HE IS USING PHOTOSHOP TO FOOL people.” which showed “India” instead of “Pakistan”


Even Congress official twitter handle tried to call it off using humor


Congress did promote the post in Pakistan too, the allegations by others were right.

Well, yes, a screenshot can’t be used as a proof or evidence as it’s quite easy to create one using some online tools or image editing software but this allegation had solid proofs.

After the screenshot, a video came up which clearly showed there were two names in the list of countries, India and Pakistan

Check the following video –

Credit for the above video – An Open Letter, a YouTube Channel. It’s a trimmed part from a 8.22 minute long video which you can see here

Amit Malviya also tweeted the video –

Further, the page of “Info and Ads” was also archived i.e. saved on a server archive.is

It doesn’t save the pages in the exact way they were shown but it at least saves the truth

So these proofs i.e. video and the archive completely clears that the ad was sponsored in Pakistan too



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