Claim stating BCG vaccine maybe effective against COVID-19 stands false

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Lately, a lot of news reports have claimed that BCG vaccine, known as Bacille Calmette Guerin can turn out effective for those suffering from coronavirus. This claim has become viral both on Facebook as well as Whatsapp. And while scientists from across the globe are awaiting results from the trials, this post claims to have found the cure already.

Social Media at this time of pandemic has become a hub of posts which put across a mix of both true as well as false news. And most of what is being put out is based on cure and remedies. The above mentioned is a product of the same and has caused massive circulation.

“Researchers believe the BCG vaccine could protect millions against Covid-19 and are set to roll out tests across four countries.”, the claim reads.


This is the archived version of the original post. Since the original post is not available any more, here is the link to visit what it looked like.

Following is the original post. It has been removed by the authorities to protect masses from reading and further spreading fake news.




A similar post has been found on Whatsapp as well. Here is a screenshot of the same:


This claim turns out to be false on all levels. As per WHO (World Health Organisation), there is no such proof or clear evidence that this can be used as a vaccine against coronavirus. Indeed, it will work well in preventing tuberculosis but the claim that it would also work against COVID-19 is completely untrue.

Source: You can read the entire article, here.




Kashish Arora

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