Can this photo of Currency Notes cut for project result in a heart attack ?

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This photo is viral, quite shocking and has certainly not been edited. It shows a Girl making a project for her school on 2nds October with pasting photo of Gandhi ji cut from new Currency notes of Rs. 2000 and Rs. 500 as people think it to be.

Given the situation of Social Media, people are now always ready on toes to get shocked, offended without thinking or looking for source, checking facts. This also falls in the same category.

Let’s break it up point wise.

  • The girl, although the face is not clear but looks old enough to understand the value of money i.e currency notes. Doesn’t look like a toddler at all. She is making a project for her School so she obviously understand.
    So from this photo it can be deduced that either her parents or someone else gave her Xerox or color printout of notes so she can cut Gandhi Ji’s Picture for project. May be just to best in the class, she wanted to use the latest photos of Gandhi Ji and obviously these are latest in circulations (New Rs. 50 and 100 notes are not yet in circulation)
  • Also the person taking the photo can not have a steady hands, if the notes were real, the photographer’s hands would be shivering from the shock resulting in blurred image LOL.
    So again, obviously a parent or relative took the photograph and posted on his/her Social profile and someone took from there to create sensation
  • Two 2000 Notes on right have the same number “385975” which is a proof these are printed, color xeroxes only.


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Spread the truth:

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