Can Ambanis not afford real notes ?

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Seriously ? Do Ambani’s need Fake notes for celebration ? People these days are always on a look out for sensation, something hot and spicy, no need of fact check. If it matches one’s bias, it had to be true.

People are in rush, on toes for such spicy stuff, or even ready to get offended at drop of a hat.

A set of photos is viral which shows a huge numbers new notes of 2000 and 500 used for decoration claiming to be from Birthday of Anil Ambani’s Son.

Now people believe in it as the photos seems to be justified by text and keep forwarding. Infact if Ambani’s name was not in text, one might even check if it is true or not.

In this photo, all the notes are fake, merely printouts. Look at the Notes closely, Zoom the image and You’ll know the truth.

Q. Check the name of the Bank on the notes, is it “Reserve Bank of India”?
A. No, it’s “Sahjanand Bank of Bhuj”


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