Did BJP win 4 seats in UP by exact margin of 12784 Votes? Coincidence or FakeNews ?

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A message is viral on Social Media Claiming BJP won 4 seats in P by Exact margin of 12784 Votes and claiming it as EVM hack.

Jitendra Ahwad (NCP MLA, Maharastra) – “कितनी अजीब बात है कि बरेली- 12784 झाँसी-12784 फ़िरोजाबाद- 12784 सहारनपुर-12784 चारो जगह बराबर वोट से भारतीय जनता पार्टी जीती”

 Poly Sarkar – Is this a mere coincidence or … !! See the lead with which BJP has won in 4 places in the recent UP Elections. . Jhansi, 12,784, Firozabad -12,784, Bareilly -12,784 and Shaharanpur – 12,784 Care to smell what was cooked “

But the Truth is the margin of 12784 was only in Bareilly, not in other 3 cities.

You can check the truth yourself on website of

State Election Commission, Uttar Pradesh , Lucknow – http://sec.up.nic.in/eleclive/IndividualULBResult.aspx
Following are the results

More false ones –






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