An animated video of a MIG aircraft landing on a dam is viral claimed as real.

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A video of a MIG aircraft’s landing on a dam and also take-off is viral claiming it to be real. This video is retweeted by verified twitter account and also shared by many people in Facebook. The landing is claimed as a brave and talented attempt by the pilot




This viral video is an animation from a flight simulator game called DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) World.

We searched for this video in YouTube with Key Words MIG Aircraft landing on Dam. By doing this we found the original video which was posted on 17th October 2020.


We even checked out the comments section of this video and we found out that this channel i.e cptVLK, which posted the original video claimed this to be a video game even the download link is shared. The link of the gameย https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/beta/




If we look into the trees and water in the background, we can make out of it clearly that it is computer generated graphics.


Many such animated videos are available on Youtube –



Hence, it’s proved that this video is a scene from a flight simulator game DCS and it is not real. We need to be sensible enough to check and verify before spreading or sharing something in the social media.


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Souvik Saha

Journalism Student of Symbiosis.