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A landslide video from Indonesia falsely shared to be that from Shillong

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A video of a landslide went viral on social media with claims that this took place in Shillong, Meghalaya due to cyclone Amphan. The cyclone caused heavy rains in Meghalaya and therefore the landslide took place. The video showed land sliding, falling on to the road and people panicking, running around nearby.

The captions of most of the posts said,” Landslide at Guwahati Shillong Road today”.


A Facebook user named Krish Rakshit posted the video and garnered 4.3 thousand views.


Several other Facebook users posted the video with similar narrative.


A tweet by N.K.AGARWAL of the video received 7 thousand views with a caption that read, “Due to heavy rains there has been massive land slides in #Meghalaya.* *This footage sends chills down the spine. Watch till the end* . *I hope all are safe and sound.* *God speed.#Amphan.”



The claim is False. The landslide that took place is not from Shillong, Meghalaya or any part of India but is from Indonesia. The avalanche took place on April 9 2020 in the sub-districts in South Cianjur, Indonesia. Several Indonesian media channels had uploaded a video with the same visuals as the viral video on YouTube. MetroTvnews uploaded a video titled, “Detik-detik Tebing Setinggi 100 Meter di Cianjur Longsor” that translates to,”100-meter high cliffs in Cianjur Avalanche. The description below said “100 meters high cliff in Cianjur, West Java on Thursday (09/04/2020) landslides covered the entire road. As a result, access to dozens of subdistricts in South Cianjur was totally paralyzed.”

A similar video clip was also uploaded on YouTube by Tribun Jateng, another media house in Indonesia.


Additionally, the Meghalaya Police also tweeted and posted on Facebook about the false claims of the video.

Therefore, this incident did not take place due to cyclone Amphan neither did it take place in Shillong,Meghalaya.

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