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A four year old Fake news about Sex Scandal of an Arab Princess resurfaces.

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Amidst twitter flooding with news related to CoronaVirus, an four year old newspaper clipping has resurfaced and become viral. The newspaper clipping is of a news article printed by DNA newspaper about Qatari princess Sheikha Salwa.


The tweet claims that the Qatari princess was caught in a compromising position with seven other men in a room in Excelsior Hotel, London. It also claims that later when the police contacted Qatar embassey regarding this matter they tried to hush the news down by bribing Financial time 50 million euros which the latter refused.

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This news first became viral in 2016 with news websites publishing a story about this scandal.

News article by Folomojo (India based online website)

This story was originally published by the British Financial Times as claimed by all other news website and in the viral photo it can be seen that the news was again published by the DNA.


The Newspaper from which this started deleted the news from their website, and the photo used is not of the princess in question but of an Arab business woman.



The news articles and news clippings have wrong claims. Financial Times that originally broke the story has now removed it from its archive and site.

News article by FirstPost

The lady in photo is Alia Al Mazrouei, Group Chief Operating Officer of Mazrui International LLC

Following is her interview with a credible news source – Gulfnews –


During this time an image of a girl lying on the couch was going viral along with the news claiming that it was Princess Sheikha Salwa. The Saisat Daily clarified this claim and found out that the photo was of Alia Al Mazrouei, Chief Operating Officer of Dubai based Mazrui Holdings back in 2016.

ABP news also debunked this claim and through their investigation it was revealed that Financial Times, the newspaper that is said to have published this story, never came out with the story. Although a lot of websites claim that the article was later removed by the Financial Times, there is no proof that it published the article in the first place. ABP also clarified that the compromising image was actually a morphed image of Alia Al Mazrouei. The link to the video is here

This news that has resurfaced on twitter now garnered lots of shares and was shared under the hashtag #hinduphobia_in_Arab. This hashtag started trending post the backlash faced by Singer Sonu Nigam and BJP MP Tejaswi Surya for posting tweets demeaning to Arab and Islam.

This post is not only fake but is four years year which has resurfaced on twitter now. Some twitter handles tweeted about this post being fake.

One of the websites who posted the wrong news updated it later calling it off – folomojo

This was debunked by ABP News Viral Sach in August 2016 i.e. 4 years ago



This was also Called off by –

Punjab Kesari

Afternoon Voice

Siasat Daily

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