Late Dilip Kumar didn’t donate his property to waqf as made viral by many against the legendary actor.

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Disinformation is a tool mostly used to create and spread hatred using lies. In this case, to defame a legend who left all remembering him. It takes a huge effort to bring down a tall, strong tree whose shadow was enjoyed by all, but the trolls, still are trying hard.

A message is viral claiming Late actor DIlip Kumar donated his 98 crore worth property to waqf board.

Viral message: “यूसुफ खान उर्फ दिलीप कुमार निकल लिए,जीते जी हिंदू बनकर हिंदुओं का खाया और मरते समय 98 करोड़ की प्रॉपर्टी वक्फ कर गया सब जिहादी हैl”

Translation: “Yusuf Khan alias Dilip Kumar has left, ate from Hindus being alive by becoming a Hindu while donated 98 crore property to waqf. All are Jihadis”


The following tweet by Janardan Mishra has been retweeted approx 1.8K times and liked by 4.8K people


An unverified handle by the name of Gaurav Mahajan (Former Convenor Social Media & IT District Keshav Puram BJP Delhi / Social Worker / Author / Blogger / Busines Real Estate / Politician) but followed by verified handle of Minister of Power and renewable energy, tweeted –


This handle is followed by prominent ministers







No, Late Dilip Kumar didn’t donate 98 crores to waqf board.

Let’s dissect this viral message and try to look for the purpose of spreading such disinformation.

1, The late actor Dilip Kumar earned through his talent and hard work, he never was even accused of any wrong doings, nothing against the law.

2. What is wrong if he really donated his own money to waqf board ? Waqf is a government organization.

It’s a government body with it’s chairperson being Shri Mukahtar Abbas Naqvi, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and Union Minister of Minority Affairs,

Source: TimesNow

3. Apart from lakhs of citizens, celebrities, politicians, he was paid tribute by our PM, Narendra Modi Ji as well

4. In his funeral, Late Dilip Kumar ji was draped with the beautiful tricolor too as a respect being paid to him by government.

5. Most importantly, this viral message is completely fake/fabricated. An intentional lie. The figure 98 crore was probably used matching the age of Late Dilip Kumar ji. His age while leaving this world for better was 98 years.

a. 98 Crore is a big figure and if associated with such a legend, obviously is supposed to make news all over, but it never did. Not even his mention related to waqf board is to be found anywhere online among credible media sources.

b. We emailed the person, Faisal Farooqui, handling Late Dilip Ji’s social media accounts who cleared it all.

We received the following reply from him –

“These are fake tweets created by fake IDs. Mischief makers and absolutely false.
Every word of these tweets is FALSE. There’s no truth in their content.


The verified/Official twitter handle of Late Dilip Kumar ji mentions that the account is being handeled by Faisal Farooqui, whom we contacted.

Over the phone he called this allegation entirely baseless, a complete lie. He said the property etc goes to Late Dilip Ji’s wife, a well celebrated actress herself, Saira Banu. He also told us that he has grown up with and under Late Dilip ji as well and has been close to the family.

So what did this disinformation earn ?

Digging further, let’s see what this fake message earned, what was it probably meant for –

Following are a few screenshots of the comments on the fake Facebook Post


Post in a group


Replies to a tweet



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