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A 2015 image of farmers clash with police is falsely linked to the ongoing farmers protest.

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An image portraying police brutality over civilian is shared on Twitter, linking the same to ongoing farmers protest in Chandigarh.






This photo is 6 years old, not from the current ongoing farmers’ protest.

All the police officers in the image can been not wearing masks, hence, the image appeared to be skeptical. Reverse Image search done to find out the credibility of the image led us to a 2015 article by Tribune India and Hindustan Times, about the brawl between farmers and police officials over panchayat land in Patiala.

Source: Tribune

Below image is of an article published by the Hindustan Times. The date can also be seen and it is Aug 07, 2015.


There has been a recent clash as well between farmers and police officials near Chandigarh-Mohali border 4 days ago. Farmers tried to break the barricades in order to move ahead towards Raj Bhavan. But the police used water cannons against the angry mob. Link to the entire article is down below.

Police use water cannon as farmers break through barricades at Chandigarh-Mohali border | Chandigarh News – Times of India (indiatimes.com)

Punjab, Haryana farmers take out protest marches, police use water cannons : The Tribune India


This is the recent image of police using water cannons to control the angry farmers.



This is the video clip of the recent protest near Chandigarh-Mohali border

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Surabhi Srivastava

Student of Journalism at Symbiosis institute of Media and Communication, Pune