“TRUST IN GOD, NOT IN VACCINE” Mike Tyson supports Anti-Vaccine campaign?

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Social Media is rapidly becoming a Hub for fake news and information. In the last week, an image of the former professional boxer Mike Tyson is making rounds on social sites. Iron Mike can be seen wearing a T-shirt to support an Anti-Vaccine campaign.

Claim: MIKE TYSON sends a message by wearing a T-shirt along with the caption “TRUST IN GOD, NOT IN VACCINE”.

The post was uploaded on various social media sites by multiple users. The audience was sharing the post and could be seen supporting the Former Boxer by saying “I approve the message”.



The same image was posted by another Facebook user with the same caption. This indirectly tells us that the individual is in support of Anti-Vaccine.



The image has been viral on Twitter also, here we can observe that the audience in a sarcastic manner is keeping their point of view on Anti-Vaccine.


An Instagram page dedicated to boxing wished MIKE TYSON on his birthday by uploading the same post.


The T-Shirt is morphed with Anti-Vaccine logo added digitally.

When we did a detailed reverse image search, we found out that the post was fake. Mike Tyson’s T-shirt was morphed by some individual who is willing to spread false news. The image was taken from Iron Mike’s Instagram ID. Mike had posted several images for promoting newly designed T-shirts by Mike Tyson Collection.

As we can see Tyson was promoting MTC Gear’s new collection, but one of the above images has been edited. The person cleverly edited the image and placed a logo saying “TRUST IN GOD, NOT IN VACCINE”.

The image on the left is the original picture posted by MIKE TYSON on his ID, to promote MTC Gear’s new collection, and to the right is the EDITED image supporting Anti-Vaccine.

We are clueless about who did this, but sure about one thing: the person is an Anti-Vaccine supporter.

People edit images of well-known individuals as the audience tends to believe the prominent people more. This is the reason why companies sign celebrities for advertising and promoting their products, as the audience is highly influenced by such people. Mike Tyson is a renowned boxer all over the world and if he is against the Covid-19 Vaccine, his followers can also raise their voice and support him. This image can also be used to defame Tyson or spread hatred against him.

Thankfully Tyson has gained a huge fan following, few of his fans in the comments section claimed that the image is fake and urged others not to believe such false posts.


. When everyone was believing in this morphed image there were some users who notified Tyson by making a comment in his post. The user can be seen telling Tyson that his original image is being altered and shared on social media to show that Mike Tyson is against the Covid-19 Vaccine. He even urged him to post a picture of him if he has got vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine shot.

On the other hand, few people prised the T-shirt and its design in addition to the Anti-Vaccine. People used terms like unclean and unethical for vaccines. This tells us that there are people who think that Covid-19 Vaccines aren’t safe and good for use.

When this was reported by fact-checking websites, Facebook did the needful and a notice of misleading facts began showing up on the post.

The problem of fake news has increased since the internet has become easily accessible. This issue of Fake news cannot be ended until people become aware of it and start differentiating on what should be trusted and what not. We encourage people to not blindly trust such claims and take the dose of Covid-19 Vaccine for their health benefits. Vaccines will help us to boost immunity to fight against the

Coronavirus effectively.




Chinmai Tiwari

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Chinmai Tiwari

Journalism student of Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, here to debunk the fake and reveal the truth.