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Video of Pakistan traffic falsely claimed as returnees from Khandala or Himachal Pradesh

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A video has been up on social media with two different claims, one claim suggests that the video is from returnees from Khandala and the other claim that has been circulated on social media is that the returnees are coming from Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh after spending a weekend.

The video has been shared after the massive rockslide in Himachal’s Sangla Valley on 25th July that killed nine tourists and left several others injured. Visuals on social media showed large blocks of rocks crashing down the Sangla Valley. After this, a section of the bridge crumbles and due to extreme force dives into a river. The video of the landslide in Sangla valley has been viral on social media wherein huge rocks from the mountains are seen plunging into the river, breaking the bridge into pieces.

However, there is another video that is taking a toll on social media after the incident happened. In the video, an ariel clip of the entire valley with cars stuck in huge traffic has been viral social media with a false caption- “#Tourists returning back from #Himachal after kinnaur tragedy”

Some of the posts can be seen below- 


PTC News


Among many tweets, Bhairavi Goswami who is an Influencer, Actor, Serial Entrepreneur also shared the viral video with a false caption “Wanna go for a lovely, relaxing holiday to Khandala? Enjoy the rains, a beautiful long drive. #Weekend #travel”.

Another tweet was made by Vinod Kapri achieved tweet on a similar viral video.




We also found a similar video being shared as a video from Khandala Ghat in Maharashtra.

We also received the video as a WhatsApp query on our WhatsApp Helpline.



The video is from Kaghan valley of Pakistan, not Himachal Pradesh. 

We ran the video on Invid and found different keyframes. With the help of different keyframes, we found a YouTube video on the same video claiming that the visuals show roads of the Naran and Kaghan valley in Pakistan. The video was uploaded by Words cannot express. 

According to this report, tourists have flocked to the Kaghan valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Mansehra district in record numbers this Eidul Azha. As many as 700,000 vehicles entered the valley during the holiday season. Previously, during the holiday season, almost 500,000 vehicles entered the valley. This Eid the record of vehicles that came in the valley broke because more than 700,000 vehicles were recorded this weekend to spend time in the valley. 

Another report by ARY News which is a Pakistan based news channel with the same visuals also uploaded a similar report on Youtube on 26th July,2021 with the title “Heavy Traffic Jam in Naran and Kaghan Valley. Roads Chocked”

Another report by News 24 HD which is one of the leading news channels of Pakistan also reported about the incident.

We also found a few news reports on a similar incident in the Naran and Kaghan Valley by News 24- Thousands of tourists in trouble at Kaghan Valley.

Another article was published by the Dawn- Roads choked, hotels full as tourists throng Kaghan valley in record numbers on 25th July about the same incident. According to this report, tourists have flocked to the Kaghan valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Mansehra district in record numbers this Eidul Azha, with hundreds of thousands of vehicles choking the roads and causing traffic jams in the scenic tourist site, it emerged on Sunday. The article also features the same video.

We also found a few tweets by Pakistani users on the same video claiming that the video is from the traffic insured from Naran on 25th July 2021.
Kasım Abbasi who is a journalist based out in Pakistan also shared the same video on Twitter.

Amna Khan who is a Lawyer and a writer also tweeted about the same traffic video.

Another report by Daily times on a similar incident that happened in Kaghan Valley of Pakistan. According to this report, we have welcomed tourists in around 0.7 million vehicles to this picturesque valley and the influx of nature lovers is still on its peak even on the fifth day of the holiday,” District Police Officer Asif Bahadur said, adding that police were doing their utmost to manage the traffic flow despite the arrival of record numbers of tourists in the valley.

We also found a tweet by Himachal Pradesh Police on the fake news that has been circulated with the caption- ” None of the videos and pictures belong to Himachal Pradesh.”  Himachal Pradesh Police also asked people to not panic about the situation.




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Shriya Handoo

MA- Journalism student at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications.