Twitter accounts impersonating Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani are being taken seriously.

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A fake Twitter account impersonating Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited popped on Twitter claiming to have joined the social media platforms and posting tweets winning 100s of retweets. ID created just last month has 19K+ followers. Although in Bio it says Parody but then you know, the tweets doesn’t say that, especially the screenshots of tweets viral on WhatsApp. It’s not verified too but people receiving the screenshots on WhatsApp doesn’t know much about verified accounts.


This tweet has been liked more than 15000 users and retweeted over 1,177 times.


The Twitter account going by the handle @Mukesh_Ambani__ tweeted on various news topics from the Palghar Lynching issue to controlling the Indian Population. The account is created in the last month of April 2020 and now has 18000 followers already. Most of the Twitter users believing that this is a real account of Mukesh Ambani by sharing and retweeting the tweet.


Another post with the screenshot of a tweet purportedly made by Nita Ambani is going viral on social media. The post shows that this is tweeted by Twitter handle ‘@0NitaAmbani’ and has a profile picture of Reliance Foundation Chairperson Nita Ambani.

The post reads: 35000 करोङ हर वर्ष सरकार हज यात्रा पर खर्च नही करती तो…. भारत के हर जिले मे एक एम्स होता। यह आज तक कोई भी नहीं बोल सका ?

Translation: “If the government hasn’t spent 35000 crores every year on the Haj pilgrimage, then there would have been an AIIMS in every district of India. Nobody could say this till today?”


A Facebook user named Rahul Rajak posted the screenshot of the tweet and has18k shares.



With the Keyword search on google that led us to that Mukesh Ambani does not have any official social media account and also found that this account is a parody account.


The account archived here

We ran the account threw the Twitter analytics toll foller.me and found the account had joined Twitter on April 9, 2020, gaining 18.9K followers to date. The account is also not verified by twitter.

When searched if Nita Ambani has an account on Twitter, it was found that she does not have any Official twitter account. With the keyword search of Twitter that led us to the tweet by Twitter handle ‘@0NitaAmbani’ to be of a fan-page of Nita Ambani. A tweet with the same content can also be seen on the Twitter account with the username ‘@0Nita_ji’. The account also found to be run by fans of Neeta Ambani.




SMHoaxSlayer published a detailed article on such impersonating Twitter accounts

An organized army on Twitter using popular names.

In the following article you can learn how to recognize such handles and what and how do they do it and what can you do about it.


#Trolling #Hatred #FakeNews #Abuse affecting country and your bit to curb it.


Fake ID impersonating Navjot SIngh Siddhu

A tweet from Navjot Singh Sidhu’s impersonating account is viral.





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