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Turkey’s highway photo is viral claimed as Mumbai-Goa NH66.

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A spectacular picture of a highway recently went viral on social media. The picture claims, it is the Mumbai-Goa National Highway NH66 that has been built by the Narendra Modi Government.

The post reads: ये स्वीडन , स्विजरलैंड या यूरोप का नहीं बल्कि भारत का चित्र है    मेरा देश बदल रहा है , ….! राष्ट्र नायक मोदीजी एंव नितिन गडकरी जी को धन्यवाद 

Translation: It is not a picture of Sweden, Switzerland or Europe but India. It is the Mumbai-Goa National Highway NH66 Kashedi Ghat . My country is changing,….! Thanks to the leader of the nation Modi Ji and Nitin Gadkari


The same picture is also viral on Facebook

This picture has been used several times in the past. A Facebook page called “Hazara Motorway” used the picture as a highway between Pakistan and China in October, 2018. Whereas, another Facebook page “Love My Tanzania” used the picture in a different context, claiming that the highway is somewhere in Africa.


A website called Pakistan Defence shared the same picture on October 25, 2018. It says that Hazara Motorway will be like this in future . Here is the link of the page:



The actual image is of a road called “Mersin Antalya Highways” in Turkey. A simple reverse Google Image search done by SM Hoax Slayer gave us this result.

A news website called DCNepal.com used the picture in an article to talk about Turkey’s mountainous development. Here is the link of the article.


Another Facebook and Instagram page of ‘Civil Engineering Discoveries’ shared the original picture in the year 2018.

Other than that, several people uploaded the picture on social media which proves that it is somewhere in Turkey and not in India.

We were able to find the below as the first uploaded image on net i.e. 3rd Oct 2018


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