The viral photo of Sonia Gandhi has a book title, a Jesus statue and a Bible added digitally to it.

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A photo of Sonia Gandhi is viral showing a book among many in the background with title “How to convert India in a Christian Nation” with Holy Bible kept next to it along with a statue of Jesus underneath.


This edited image initially was tweeted by a handle @noconversion which keeps a watch on religious conversion of Hindus to any other religion. In every image you can see a watermark on right side with “noconversion” written




Meena Daas Narayan, Journalist,Editor-in Chief of Gulf Connoisseur,writer, poet,artist, film/opera director, Political Cartoonist #ToonTales #CandidMeena, tweeted but deleted now


François Gautier didn’t name Sonia Gandhi, now was she in the photo he tweeted, but he tweeted a cropped part of the picture after the SOnia Gandhi one became viral










The viral image has been edited with the book title, Bible and statue of Jesus added digitally.


Real photo, a screenshot taken from a video on YouTube on Official Congress channel.

Outlook India says “Congress President Sonia Gandhi addresses the people of Bihar ahead of the Assembly Elections, via video link, in New Delhi.”

This is a video from Oct 2020, published on Congress’ official website

Following is the video from which the screenshot has been taken

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