A video of a man setting fire to Petrol Pump from Iran is viral as from Haryana claimed as a protest against Petrol price hike.

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A video is being shared on various social media platforms with a faulty claim that a man set fire at the petrol pump in Haryana. The reason behind setting fire at the pump station was the rising fuel prices. While checking on social media platforms, it claimed that the footage is from Haryana, India. The video shows a man in a two-wheeler with his face all covered with a scarf who reaches near petrol stand where petrol pipe was kept. The man activated the self-filling option, took the nozzle, and started directing the nozzle towards the petrol pump. Later in the video, a petrol pump employee tried to stop the man after he saw him throwing petrol all over the pump, with a motive of setting fire at the petrol pump. The man directed the nozzle towards the employee threatening him to stay away, and he even threw petrol at the employee. Immediately after the incident, he lighted the match sticks and set ablaze the petrol pump. The man instantly ran away after setting the fire. In the video, two employees are later trying to control the fire through a fire extinguisher.

When checked the video is being shared on Facebook with a caption “पेट्रोल पंप फूक फरार बढ़ती कीमतों से था परेशान।। 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 “

English Translation – “Tired of rising fuel prices, he set ablaze a petrol pump and ran away.”

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The above video is from Rafsanjan city in the Kerman province of Iran, not Haryana

While checking more information about the video, we ran a reverse google image search and found a similar video shared on Facebook by a few Iranian people. We copy-pasted the caption on google and found a few more similar videos on Facebook with a caption, ” اقدام عجیب موتورسوار در آتش زدن پمپ بنزین .” When translated into English explains, “Strange action of a motorcyclist in setting fire to a gas station.”


We even found a similar video on Persian channel-Enama.

For more clarity, we took a closer look at the number plate that was somewhat visible from the video, searched for the format of motorcycle number plates in Iran and compared them with the viral video, and found similarities like the Iran flag colors on the top right of the vehicle.


Also, in the video the logo of the petrol pump is visible. We took a closer look at the dispenser logo and found out that there’s no such fuel company with that logo in India. We took the screenshot of the logo of the petrol pump and ran a reverse google image search and found out about the name of the company- Murshid gas station. The hoarding that was visible in the viral video was of a company based in Rafsanjan.

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Shriya Handoo

MA- Journalism student at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications.