No, actor Ali Fazal did not tweet the photo of slain IB officer with a caption to promote hate and violence.

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An old  screenshot of actor Ali Fazal’s deleted tweet with an image (morphed) is getting viral on various social media platforms with the following text :

Before watching #mirzapurseason2 Do not forget this tweet of @alifazal9 If you watch his series, you are supporting his anti-India stance.

Claim: The viral screenshot of the tweet claims that actor Ali Fazal tweeted the slain IB officer Ankit Sharma’s picture with his just his hand visible while being taken out of the a filthy drain, with the text stating that he had done this in helplessness but now he is getting fun by promoting hate and violence. So as he is promoting an anti-India stance therefore people should boycott his upcoming web series Mirzapur 2.


A Facebook user Arif Aajakia shared the viral screenshot and it gathered around 102 shares.


A twitter handle Arif Ajakia tweeted this viral screenshot which garnered 4000 likes and 2000 retweets. The archive link to this tweet can be accessed from here.


No this is not the original screenshot of actor Ali Fazal’s tweet. The PHOTO of the slain IB officer is added digitally .

During the course of our investigation when we searched the timeline of actor Ali Fazal’s official twitter handle we did not found out that the original tweet has been deleted.

The archive link of this tweet can be accessed from here. In this tweet we found out the following points :

  1. The original tweet does not contain any picture attached to it.
  2. The original tweet was about Ali Fazal’s support towards anti CAA proosts and not about the Delhi riots.
  3. The original tweet was posted on 19th December 2019 whereas the Delhi riots occurred 2 months after this tweet was posted.

We also found out a tweet by Ali Fazal himself explaining why he deleted that particular tweet.

The tweet states that Ali Fazal deleted that particular tweet because like many other things this tweet can be misunderstood. He further says that this tweet won’t mislead him but the vulnerable crowd around him and people can fall over it. So in order to not promote such versions, he is deleting that tweet.

Therefore in our investigation, the claims made on this viral post were misleading.

Mohd Nadeem Siddiqui

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Mohd Nadeem Siddiqui

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