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Seems Now I’ve some competition from few news channels & papers. LOL. But I’ve been around for almost an Year. It’s not about credit or money, it’s about keep people aware of such Lies as social media has a huge reach
This page May be First in Country to fill in this gap.
If only the media took this up, I’d hardly venture in this field I Started this on 6th Aug 2015. And with you all supporting me, I don’t see a Stop Sign around the corner. Do spread, Do ask for clarification.
My only request to you all is just don’t let lies spread.
Such Fake messages change views of people, develop cracks in society. Different caste and religion usually live together in neighbourhood but these politicians/media tells you to hate each other.
This country belongs to us and we to country,
Don’t let few use fake messages, photoshopped images for their personal benefits harming us http://ift.tt/1oBFXI5

Hoax Slayer

Spread the truth:

Hoax Slayer

SMHoaxSlayer is India's largest and oldest Fact Checker. Started in Aug 2015, it had debunked more than 2000 Fake News till now. Check more at smhoaxslayer.com/team

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