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Pakistan’s PM Imran khan tweeted a 7 year old video from Bangladesh claiming it as India’s

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Almost a year ago, Pakistani trolls were spreading #FakeNews against our country after #PulwamaAttack but this time we had the honor of the same by none other than Imran Khan, The Prime Minister of Pakistan who deleted on being caught, without any apology.

A gruesome video showing police beating and firing on civilians, with many lying bleeding on ground was tweeted by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. Along with the video he tweeted
“Indian police’s pogrom against Muslims in UP.”
(The word ‘Pogrom’ means an organized massacre of a particular ethnic group)


Tweet (Now deleted)


This video is 7 years old, Year 2013, from Bangladesh not India.

It was uploaded in year 2013 on YouTube

Video uploaded in 2013 –

The Video Shows Police wearing an uniform with ‘RAB’ printed on it.

RAB‘ is Bangladesh‘s elite Police force – ‘Rapid Action Battalion‘.

Further, listening to the video reveals that they are talking in Bengali.

UP Police cleared it


ANI also cleared it



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