Pakistani Man got his beard and eyebrows shaved for molesting minors; Video Viral in India

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A video has been taking rounds on social media for a couple of days now. It’s a video of a man surrounded by a crowd, getting his facial hair and eyebrows shaved. The video is being circulated with a claim that the Maulvi was caught by the locals and he was accused of raping a 5-Year-old. Following is the claim in Hindi — “मौलवी को पांच साल की बच्ची के साथ बलात्कार करते पकड़ा गया। पड़ोसीयो ने इसकी दाढ़ी और भौंहें मुंड़वा दी हैं.”

Facebook user Ashish Mehta who identifies as a member of BJP social media team shared the video, gathering close to 7 lakh views and 16,000 shares (archive).

The same video was shared on twitter as well.

Many people commented on the video and expressed a desire for harsher punishment.

This is a reply on twitter where this person says that the accused should be booked under POCSO Act, child protection law in India, suggesting that the incident took place in the country.

Link to the tweet above.


This video was posted by Ahmad Waqass Goraya, a Pakistani activist and blogger in forced exile. Goraya tweeted the video on 21st May with the same claim in Urdu language.

Link to the tweet below.

Screenshot of Goraya’s tweet.

He had also retweeted the same video tweeted by Tribal News Network, a platform that provides news from tribal areas of Pakistan. It claimed that the incident occurred in Lahore. Another Journalist Sarfraz Ali, also posted the same video on his twitter account.

On further investigation we found out that the viral video is not from India, but rather it is from Pakistan. As we went through the comments section below twitter and facebook posts shared by Indians, we found  the same fact being highlighted again and again.

Comment thread to the video.

A screenshot of the comments under the tweeted video.

Comment thread of the facebook post below. 

A screenshot of the comments under the facebook post.

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