Did people shout “Kejriwal” in Modi’s Surat Rally in the viral video ? No, the video is edited.

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A video is tweeted by prominent people of Aam Aadmi Party claiming the crowd around Modi’s Surat Rally shouted “Kejriwal”, and the same can be heard in the video itself.

In the video, PM Modi can be seen in the car waving to the crowd standing beside the road, accompanied by his security staff


Gulab Singh Yadav, MLA, Matiala, Delhi

“केजरीवाल केजरवाल केजरीवाल सूरत में साहेब के रोड़ शो मे लगे केजरीवाल के नारे – वाह क्या नजारा हैं।”

Translation: “Kejriwal, Kejriwal was heard in Shaeb’s Surat road show. Wow, what a scene”



Pankaj Singh, President AAP, MP

गुजरात में मोदी जी के रोड-शो में केजरीवाल जी के नारे लगने वाला दूसरा वीडियो भी सामने आया है। बदलाव के लिए गुजरात तैयार है। इंकलाब जिंदाबाद।

Translation: “A second video came up in which ‘Kejriwal’ was shouted in Modi’s road show. Gujarat is ready for a change. Long Live the Revolution



Vashraj Dubey, प्रदेश अध्यक्ष AAP छात्र विंग (CYSS) उ०प्र०

“लो भाई गुजरात के सूरत का दूसरा वीडियो भी आ गया…….रोड शो मोदी का, नारे केजरीवाल जी के।। जिंदाबाद गुजरात…… जय हो”
Translation: “See brother, Second video also has arrived from Gujarat’s Surat, Road show of Modi, Slogans of Kejriwal. Hail Gujarat”




The video is edited with audio ‘Kejriwal’ slogans added digitally.

The actual video has audio of the crowd which doesn’t have ‘Kejriwal’ anywhere although it does have ‘Modi’. Although people did shout “Kejriwal” but at different place and time in the same rally in Surat.

The edited video was viral (29th Nov) a day after the original one was posted by credible media and ministers.

Aajtak reel



Piyush Goyal –

Although it really happened but at different place and time in the same rally in Surat.



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