OMG, has the flag been removed from Red Fort ?

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A photo of Red Fort / Lal Qila is posted by a Facebook page with missing flag on the pole. It had been shared for more than 29000 times too.
It claims our country’s flag has been removed from Red Fort for the first time in 70 years.

“70 साल बाद पहली बार लाल किले से तिरंगा हटा दिया गया।”

The page is run by Congress fans/supporters and has approx 7 lakh likes and this post has been shared by more than 28000 people

Following the recent decision of handing over Red Fort to Dalmia Group for maintainance, this post seems to be an attempt to defame current gov.

The truth is following –


Section III, Subsection 3.6 of the Indian Flag Code 2002 states, “Where the practice is to fly the flag on any public building, it shall be flown on that building on all days including Sundays and holidays and, except as provided in this code, it shall be flown from sunrise to sunset irrespective of weather conditions. The flag may be flown on such a building at night also but this should be only on very special occasions”.


Although Times of India reported in 2009

“Now, Indians can fly Tricolour at night

 PTI | Dec 24, 2009, 00:48 IST
NEW DELHI: Indian citizens can now fly the National Flag even at night. This is subject to the condition that the flagpole is really tall and the flag is kept well-illuminated.
The home ministry took the decision following a proposal by industrialist Naveen Jindal, who had earlier won a court battle in the 1990s for flying the Tricolour as a fundamental right for every citizen.In a communication to Jindal, also a Congress leader and Member of Parliament, the ministry said it has examined the proposal and had no objection to installing “giant flagpoles for flying the National Flag day and night at various places.”In a representation to the ministry in June 2009, Jindal had sought permission to fly mammoth-sized national flag on monumental flagpoles during night. Jindal had said that the National Flag is to be flown in “as far as possible between sunrise and sunset” as per Flag Code of India, but it was a common practice worldwide for massive national flags to be flown day and night on monumental flagpoles of 100 feet and above in height.Citing the example of countries like Malaysia, Jordon, Abu Dhabi, North Korea, Brazil, Mexico and Turkmenistan where monumental flags are flown at night, Jindal proposed that such flags to be flown in India also.The ministry said that such flagpoles could be installed, provided there was adequate arrangement for proper illumination of flags at night with backup in case of power failure and the flags are replaced immediately as soon as they get damaged due to vagaries of nature.

After almost a decade long legal battle initiated by Jindal on behalf of the people of India to give them the right to hoist the Tricolour publicly, the Supreme Court in 1996 passed a judgment allowing every citizen to fly the national flag with respect, dignity and honour, thus making it a fundamental right.”

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