Old video of crowd outside liquor shop in Delhi viral with false claims

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After the liquor shop were allowed to be open a lot of fake news surrounding it has been circulated. Recently a video got viral of Social media where people can be seen standing in long queues. Where there are a lot of cases where lockdown was flouted, this viral video is not recent.


The video became viral on Facebook and twitter. The video is being shared with the following caption-

यह निजामुद्दीन मरकज नहीं है बल्कि दिल्ली में एक शराब की दुकान के बाहर की भीड़ है।
सोशल डिस्टैंसिंग किधर है?
लॉकडाउन कहां है?
मीडिया नाराज क्यों नहीं है ?
पहले से ही भारत में 40,000 मामले और सरकार गंभीर नहीं हैं।


It is not Nizamuddin Markaz but a crowd outside a liquor shop in Delhi.
Where is social distancing?
Where is the lockdown?
Why is the media not angry?
Already, 40,000 cases and government in India are not serious.



This video was uploaded by ‘कुँवर प्रताप सिंह’ (kunwar Pratap Singh) on May 4th and has garnered over 2.7k views and 276 shares.


Another video uploaded was by ‘Abrar Rehman Tyagi’ on 4th May and has over 2.9k views and 223 shares.


This video got more viral on Facebook as compared to Twitter.


This video was tweeted on 4th May by ‘जावेद (सचकी आवाज़)’ and has 51 views.


Another tweet was uploaded by ‘Yasmeen’ on May 4th and has 111 views.


The video is from Delhi but is as old as February and hence is not related to lockdown in anyway.

The people in the video when seen carefully can be seen wearing winter clothes and no one was wearing masks which other viral videos of lockdown violation usually have.

In the first few seconds of the video a banner of a hotel can be seen.

on searching this hotel on Google it was confirmed that Hotel Aman Inn is located in Paharganj region of Delhi and it has a liquor shop next to it.


These photos were uploaded on the cleartrip website.
On contacting the hotel, Akhilesh Singh, the care taker informed that the shop has not been opened post the lockdown. On contacting the licensed owner of the liquor, Mr. Vipin Kalra, he clarified that the video is of 8th February post polling of Delhi elections when the liquor shop was opened after two days and is not related to the lockdown in any way. The shop is shut from the past one and half month due to the lock down.
This story was also debunked by The Quint, they contacted the SHO(Station House Oficer) of Paharganj, Sunil Chauhan, who told that the video is old as only government liquor shops have been opened and this particular shop in the video is a private shop.





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