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Viral video of lynching of a teenager is not from West Bengal but Brazil

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Disclaimer: The content you are about to see contains graphic visuals. Viewers may find the viral video featured in the article disturbing. If so, you are advised not to watch the following.

An extremely horrifying video is making rounds on social media. In the video, a group of people beat a young man with sticks and stones before brutally disfiguring his face with blows of an axe. According to claims, the video is from the post-poll violence in West Bengal where Trinamool Congress workers killed a man named Uttam Ghosh due to his ties with the Bharatiya Janta Party.

The caption with the viral video read,

“कमजोर दिल वाले और जाति बंधनों व पैट्रोल डीज़ल पर फिर भटक रहे हिंदू ना देखें।💥
🔥पश्चिम बंगाल से उत्तम घोष की पत्नी ने दैनिक भास्कर को इंटरव्यू देते हुए बताया था कि टीएमसी के लोग मेरे पति को घर से घसीट कर ले गए और बोले अब बोल जय श्री राम, अब कहां है तेरे भाजपा वाले, अब कहां है तेरे हिंदू, अब कौन तुझे बचाएगा, कह कर उन्होंने मेरे निहत्थे युवा पति को गंगापुर राणाघाट पर डंडे, पत्थरों से मारने के बाद कुल्हाड़ी से काट दिया और मेरे पास वीडियो भेज दिया।
🔥 कट्टर जेहादी केवल सीरिया इराक़ में ही नहीं हैं,ये TMC, SIMI, HUZI, SFI, आदि के रूप में भारत मे भी सब जगह फैल गए हैं। किसी भी जगह इन कट्टर धर्मांधों की जनसंख्या 25-30%, से ऊपर होते ही, वहाँ के राजनीतिक- सामाजिक हालात पश्चिम बंगाल जैसे हो जाएंगे। उत्तम घोष को बेरहमी से मारते काटते हुए 47 सेकंड का वीडियो भेजने की धृष्टता करने वाले कितने बड़े जिहादी हो सकते हैं इस बात का सहज ही अनुमान लगाया जा सकता है। यदि आप हमें हिम्मत है तो इस 47 सेकंड के वीडियो को देखें।”

Translation: “Weak hearted and Hindus unsure due to caste barriers and petrol diesel should not see this.

The wife of Uttam Ghosh from West Bengal, while giving an interview with Dainik Bhaskar told that the people of TMC dragged her husband out of the house and said, “Now chant Jai Shri Ram, where are your BJP people, where are your Hindus, who will save you now?”

They brutally murdered her unarmed young husband at Gangapur Ranaghat with an axe, after beating him with stones and sticks, and sent the video to her.

Hardline jihadis are not limited to Syria and Iraq but are also spread all over India as TMC, SIMI, HUZI, SFI etc.

Wherever the population of these fanatics is above 25-30%, the politico-social situation there will become like that of West Bengal. One can easily guess how jihadis can be who dare to send a 47-second video of Uttam Ghosh, brutally cut and killed.

Watch this 47-second video if you dare.”


Another video that we received on WhatsApp had text laying over it which read, “Modi tere raj mein to kanoon ka koi kaam nahi hai!”
Translation: “Modi, in your rule, there is no use of law!”



Similarly, three years ago, Zee News also ran a telecast claiming that the video is from Uttar Pradesh, India.


No, the viral video is not from India. It is an old recording shot in Brazil. 

With the help of InVid, a simple video verification tool, we found several keyframes of the video. Following this, we ran a reverse image search on them. The result brought us to this news article by Rede Internacional Esquerda Diário, a popular news website from Brazil. 



The date of publishing in the article read January 5th, 2018. Also, the location of the incident mentioned Ceará, a state in Brazil. According to the report, the reason behind the lynching of the man, previously suspected to be homophobia, was, in fact, a gang fight. 

In addition to that, other media channels from Brazil also published an article on this incident which are available here and here.

R7, another Brazilian news channel, also published the above article on the brutal murder in Brazil. The story confirmed the identity of the deceased teenager as one Wesley Tiago de Sousa Carvalho and wrote that the incident took place on December 30th.


Hence, it is evident that an old video from Brazil is viral with a false link to the post-poll violence in West Bengal.



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