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Neither Barkat Ali was a regular NDTV audience, nor few of his allegations were true.

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The message went viral on social media claiming that Barkat Ali, 25, who alleged that he has been beaten because of his Muslim identity on 25 May in Gurugram appears regularly on NDTV as an audience.

The viral message: NDTV का आदमी निकला गुरुग्राम का बरकत अली, बरकत अली ने फर्जी आरोप लगाया था मेरी टोपी उछाल दी गयी, जय श्री राम बुलवाया गया, हिन्दुओ के खिलाफ बड़ी भयंकर साजिश। वो NDTV के पुराने टीवी शोज में देखा गया ये शख्स NDTV का ऑडियंस है नफरत फैलाने के मकसद से सेकुलरों और वामपंथियोंने मिलकर”।

Translation: Gurugram’s Barkat Ali turned out to be an NDTV’s man, Barkat Ali who had falsely alleged that his cap has been removed and he has been forced to chant Jai Shree Ram. This is a very big and dangerous trap against the Hindus. He has appeared on the old television shows of NDTV. He is an audience member of NDTV and secular and leftist are spewing hate together.


A Journalist from DD, Ashok Srivastava also shared a similar image while asking the question of whether Barkat has been trained at NDTV to spread venom and fake news

As Barkat Ali claims, he was been beaten on May 25 in Gurugram, and forced to chant Jai Shree Ram, his shirt was torn apart because he hailed from Muslim community.

“According to the police, CCTV footage of the spot shows that he had an argument with one passer-by and that resulted into a scuffle,” said Gurugram Police spokesperson Subhash Bokan, who has been stressing that there is “no communal angle” in the case,” reported by The New Indian Express.


The image is from a video of a NDTV program aired after the incident, never before.

According to the viral message, Barkat Ali is a regular member as an audience in NDTV. The photograph used to promote this claim is the screenshot during the program We The People’s broadcast on May 26 regarding the Gurugram’s incident. Barkat Ali was the present on the show to talk about the allegations he had made.

The link of the show is given below. Barkat Ali can be heard describing the incident at 49:30 minute.

So, the claim of Barkat’s being a regular audience at NDTV is false as he has been invited only on 26 May to talk about the specific incident happened with him on the night of May 25 in Gurugram.


Further, What Barkat Ali claimed also came out to be false later when Police checked the CCTV footage of the same place where the incident took place.

हरियाणा के गुरुग्राम में सदर बाजार स्थित जामा मस्जिद के पास शनिवार रात एक कथित तौर पर एक मुस्लिम युवक की टोपी फेंकने और उससे ज़बरदस्ती ‘जय श्रीराम’ बुलवाने वाले मामले में नया मोड़ आ गया है. पुलिस ने जांच में पाया है कि मुस्लिम युवक मोहम्मद बरकत अली के साथ मारपीट ज़रूर हुई है, लेकिन न तो उसकी टोपी फेंकी गई और न ही उसकी शर्ट किसी ने फाड़ी थी.

CCTV फुटेज से हुआ खुलासा

पुलिस की शुरुआती जांच में ही मुस्लिम युवक के आरोप निराधार नज़र आ रहे हैं. सीसीटीवी की फुटेज देखने पर सामने आया है कि युवक को आरोपी ने नहीं, बल्कि एक अन्य युवक ने रोका था. फुटेज में न तो शिकायतकर्ता युवक की टोपी फेंकी गई है. न ही उसके कपड़े फाड़ने की कोई घटना है.

पुलिस ने बताया कि कहासुनी के बाद दोनों में हाथापाई हुई थी, जिससे मुस्लिम युवक की टोपी गिर गई. ‘टोपी को उसने खुद ही उठाकर जेब में रख लिया था, किसी और ने उसे हाथ भी नहीं लगाया. हालांकि, सीसीटीवी फुटेज में दिख रहा है कि आरोपी बरकत अली की बाजू पर डंडा मारता नज़र आ रहा है.

CCTV proves that no one threw his cap or tore his shirt, the cap fell down because of the scuffle which he picked up and kept in his pocket.


Several users on Twitter and Facebook shared a similar text and image as it went viral on social media platforms.

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