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No, these robbers are NOT migrants in this viral video

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Claim: A video shows two men robbing a person on the streets of Delhi at night. This video is being shared with false claims of the robbers being migrants and that they are robbing because of their desperate situation lead by the coronavirus lockdown in India. It shows two men attacking the man from behind and then robbing his belongings.

Since the lockdown, migrants all over India are facing various kinds of hardships and are also being linked into false accusations in many such viral videos and images.

However, these robbers in the video are not migrants but locals with an already existing criminal records.

The video has been shared on social media with similar false claims.


The caption along with the video says,“Pl don’t go out during nights as some labours/migrants /poor people are killing innocent people for Money / Jewellery.. as there is cash crunch in the market … This kind of incidents are bound to happen in near future very frequently….”

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The video mentions the basic information of the event like the place, time and date. The place is Majnu ki Tila at Delhi. After searching the keywords, a tweet from Navbharat Times was found.

The caption read, “#Delhi: मजनू का टीला में एक शख्स का गला दबाकर लूटपाट, फिर बेसुध छोड़कर भाग गए आरोपी।“

Translated in English, “#Delhi : The accused looted a man by strangulating him in Majnu Ka Tila, then escaped unknowingly.”

While the tweet confirmed that a case of robbery had come to light from Delhi’s Majnu ka Tilla area, it did not mention anything about the involvement of migrant labourers.

A tweet by Ravi Dwivedi, a journalist working with Times Group also mentioned how the two robbers ‘almost’ killed the man. The man himself found the complainant and then found the accused. After being identified, they were arrested by the Delhi police.

The Quint reached out to police officials at the Majnu ka Tilla police station who revealed that the incident happened on the night of 28th April 2020 when two people attacked an individual and robbed him. The accused are locals with a criminal history and have been booked for theft and robbery in the past.

The police also denied the involvement of migrants in the case as claimed by the viral posts.

Hence, those weren’t migrants who robbed the man and a false claim was attached to the video to spread panic around the situation of migrants in the state of lockdown in our country.

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