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Did DMK Leader Selvakumar assault a lady doctor on COVID-19 duty? The video is 2 years old from a beauty parlour.

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A video of a man, DMK Leader Selvakumar who is seen kicking and physically assaulting a women who claims to be lady doctor on duty amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is viral on Facebook.

The caption with the video says,”Tamilnadu DMK party Leader Selva Kumar kick Lady Doctor with his foot. Forward this Video to all group until he will be punished”.


Several Facebook handles have posted the video with similar claims.



This claim is false. As seen on the video, a website’s name “” is mentioned. The media house had uploaded the visuals that could be seen in the viral video on September 12 2018. The You Tube video is titled,”அழகு நிலையத்தில் பெண்ணை அடித்து உதைத்த திமுக பிரமுகர்! சிசிடிவி காட்சி”. This translates to, “DMK Leader hits a lady in a beauty salon as per CCTV footage”.

Apart from this, The News Minute also published an article on September 13, 2018 regarding the incident. Though the man was DMK Leader Selvakumar, the lady named Sathya wasn’t a doctor but owner of a beauty parlour in Perambalur, Tamil Nadu.


According to the article, police said the incident took place in May 2018 as the DMK Leader had some alleged monetary transactions with Sathya which escalated to violence but Sathya filed a complaint only in September 2018. The report also included that the police had then arrested Selvakumar and punished him accordingly.

Therefore, this incident is not related to a lady doctor assaulted while on duty during COVID-19 pandemic, but is an old visual that has reappeared.


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