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No, Aamir Khan did not donate Rs, 15000 in wheat flour sacks

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Claim: A video is circulating on social media which claims that Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has sent a truck to a slum area with wheat flour bags filled with cash, and it was announced that anyone who wants wheat could take a bag, but only one bag per person would be allowed.

After the video went viral on social media, images regarding the same also started spreading.

A person can be heard saying in the video that when people returned to their homes after taking wheat, they found Rs 15,000 in the wheat sacks. The video is a split screen wherein one person can be heard mentioning the details of the donation, while on the other side, an image of Aamir Khan can be seen. However, the video doesn’t mention where the incident occurred.

Several social media users have shared the video on Facebook and Twitter praising Aamir Khan’s efforts.




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The caption is translated from Turkish by Google to this: Aamir Khan is the best example of how to help without hurting anyone. You are a unique character in the world. I love this guy’s films, this beautiful guy and his beautiful guy … #AamirKhan



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. Aamir Khan mendonasikan masing-masing 1Kg tepung dan 15000 rupee kepada warga yang membutuhkan di masa lockdown ini 💖 . Dia mengirimkan tepung itu dengan truk di pinggir kota New Delhi. Namun, tidak banyak orang yang mengambilnya karena bagi mereka 1 kg tepung tidak berarti bagi kehidupan mereka sehari-hari. Beruntunglah mereka yang mengambilnya karena di dalam tepung tersebut terdapat uang 15000 rupee atau sekitar 3 juta rupiah. . I love your golden heart 😘❤ . . . #AamirKhan #KiranRao #AamirKhanFansClubIndonesia #AamirKhanIndonesia #LaalSinghChaddha #Artist #Movie #Film #InfiaShowbiz #InfoFilm #IDNTimes #IndozoneMovie #PotonganFilm #CatatanFilm #ZeeBioskop #MVPFilms #BollywoodManiaClubIndonesia #ZonaBollywood #AreaBollywood #DuniaBollywood #FaktaBollywood #BollywoodIndonesia #Bollywood

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Update: We received a reply from Aamir Khan’s PR team –

“Aamir Khan clarifies that he did not distribute money in wheat flour packets. Here’s what he has to say!

Recently, an unverified video surfaced on social media that Aamir Khan had dispatched a truck which was full of bags of wheat flour packets with money in them, to be distributed in an underprivileged area in Delhi.

In the middle of the Covid-19 crisis and the lockdown caused due to it, the video stated that the truck was said to reach the village area on 29th April and the vehicle was apparently loaded with one-kilo packets of flour.

Additionally, the video mentions that within each packet of flour, there were Rs 15,000 hidden in cash and that the truck was sent by Aamir Khan.

Refuting all such claims and rumours, superstar Aamir Khan took to social media to debunk the news in a witty manner and stated, “Guys, I am not the person putting money in wheat bags. Its either a fake story completely, or Robin Hood doesn’t want to reveal himself!
Stay safe.

Aamir Khan tweeted –


Few news reports like Sandesh news mentions the incident of cash found in wheat flour sacks on 20th April in Surat’s Rander area. However, it does not mentions anyone’s name.

But some news reports like News Track say that the news was fake and no such donation took place. The details in the viral video and those written in the article does not match completely. The report says, “In a message going viral on WhatsApp, it is written that a man arrived with a truck and announced to give 1-1 kg of flour to the poor. Many poor gathered there and went away with flour. If people opened the packet of flour at home, then 15 thousand rupees were also released. The donor is highly praised.”

IANS on 27th April 2020 published regarding the Tik Tok video that the ‘authenticity of the video or the incident has not been established yet’.

SM Hoax Slayer contacted Aamir Khan’s team and they denied of the claim that the actor did this act.

The Tik Tok video posted by @khansaheb028 does not mention anyone’s name as even he seems clueless about the donor and just thanks the anonymous person who distributed cash in the 1 kg flour. The archived post can be seen here.


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An account named @quaziaziz on Tik Tok posted @khansaheb028 original video and claimed that Aamir Khan was the one who donated this money.

Evidently, several social media users falsely claimed that Aamir Khan was the one made a special donation based on a manipulated TikTok video because he has been doing charity work since a while now but never publishes it.

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