Misfaking the fakes !

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Online debunking, expose of fake news, mistakes, lies, false propaganda, half truths, misleading or wrong captioned posts/images/videos, misinformation, disinformation, trying to spread hatred, false praise, false information trying to incite violence, panic, sugar coated lies on Social Media.

Antonyms – Fake, Mistake
Synonyms – Truth, Fact

e.g. Listen, this might be a mistake, confirm before posting else SMHoaxSlayer will misfake it.

Some websites has already defined it – “when someone acts like they made a mistake, but they’re actually faking it.”

Among loads of great feedback from you all, a common sad point is the name SMHoaxSlayer. When people receive fake news or suspicious messages on WhatsApp from their relatives or friends they want to suggest them to check the truth online, especially on SMHoaxSlayer.com but they find the name incommunicable. It’s long, has acronym of Social Media “SM”, while the word in Trend is Fake News but this has “Hoax” and again, “Slayer” is not much comprehensible. One can’t communicate the name vocally, on phone, remember for use at times.

So “misfake” solves these issues, is meaningful too. The domain name misfake.com is forwarded to SMHoaxSlayer.com so you can tell anyone to check facts on “misfake.com”

This is just a try to reach out to more people to make them aware of the truth and stop fake news.
Hope you tell others about it.

You can contribute to this battle against fake news here – https://www.instamojo.com/@smhoaxslayer (Only for people in India)

Hoax Slayer

Spread the truth:

Hoax Slayer

SMHoaxSlayer is India's largest and oldest Fact Checker. Started in Aug 2015, it had debunked more than 2000 Fake News till now. Check more at smhoaxslayer.com/team

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