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Shefali Vaidya uses a photo from 2015 event claiming Ex PM Manmohan Singh as “family servant Ramukaka”

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A photo is viral which shows Rahul Gandhi talking to a girl while ex-PM Manmohan Singh standing next to him with a box of sweets in his hands claimed that Manmohan Singh was made to stand holding the box like a family servant.

Shefali Vaidya used the same photo thrice, in 2016, 2017 and 2020.

Following post on a Facebook Page “India Against Prestitutes” was shared more than 3800 times



Updated on 26th June 2020

Shefali Vaidya tweeted this same photo with same purpose few times earlier


On her Facebook page –

“Remember this pic? Shehzada and #ScamQueenSonia graciously mixing with commoners and getting all the credit, while poor loyal family servant Ramukaka is left holding Mithai Ka Dabba?

#AugustaWestland is exactly like that, as Miyan Patel proved last night on Times Now, when he distanced ‘his party and his leader’ from ‘the (UPA) govt’.”



She tweeted the same photo in Sep 2017 with following text

Rare pic of Manmohan Singh celebrating his birthday by holding the Mithai Ka Dabba while d Sultana n Shehzada graciously mingle w d masses



Shefali Vaidya tweeted the same photo with the following text on 26th June 2020

Rare historical pic of family servant Ramukaka holding a box containing 100 crore rupees from the taxpayer’s money to be donated to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation as Shehzada and the Dowager Empress mingle with the commoners!”




Ex PM Manmohan Singh was holding the sweet box to gift to kids himself, not for anyone else

The viral photo is juts a part of an event, Rahul Gandhi gave the girl box already which he had and Ex-PM Manmohan Singh is holding his own box which he is about to give.

The photo is 5 years old, 2015

Is No. 3 a proof that Manmohan singh is Gandhi Family’s ‘Loyal servant” “वफादार नौकर”? No. It’s a twisted lie.
Was MMS made to stand holding a Mithai box in hand like a servant ?
All, Sonia, Rahul and Manmohan were holding their own sweet boxes, it’s just about the timing of photo & selection of one photo out of a lot.

This event, celebration of 69th Independence day, was held at All India Congress Committee Headquarters and was attended only by Party workers and kids were theirs too. Sonia Gandhi, being the President of the party stands first followed by Rahul Gandhi who was a Vice President, followed by ExPM Manmohan Singh.

Following is the set of photos –

1. Sonia Gandhi offering the sweet box to the kid

2. Rahul Gandhi offering the sweet box to a different girl

3. Rahul Gandhi Bending and talking to the same girl

4. Ex PM Manmohan SIngh offering the box he was holding to the girl

At times Photos can be deceiving, just last month, media, congress and AAP guys made a photo of Parikar viral claiming he was sleeping during parade. Many of you asked me whether it was the truth or not. I looked for the video clip on youtube and unfortunately the scene changed as soon as Parikar looked down.

It had two possibilities,
1- he just looked down for a while,
2 – he really fell asleep
Only way to confirm was whether he looked up again or remained like that, which was not in video.

But here in this case, only one photo was shown to prove Manmohan as servant of Gandhis.


Earlier Fake News tweeted by Shefali Vaidya

Did JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh fake injury on her hand?


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