Bhagwad Gita made compulsory in Netherlands ?

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Hoax: Photo is from @ISKCONnews @idtsevaks, probably Russia branch, as the Book Name suggests. Plus it was posted in 2013, so Old Photo.
Kids are cute though 🙂 but there is no such news that Netherlands has made Bhagwat Gita compulsory for students in Grade 5 and above anywhere.
There is one on Sulekha but it posts it views derived from a paper on Hindu Schools in Netherlands which nowhere mentioned this law. The best it said was about different type of schools in Netherland, Hindu school is part of a lot. But still no compulsion of Bhagwat Gita at all.

Netherland Government Official website has a list of compulsory subjects which doesn’t have it.



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Here is the list of compulsory subjects posted on Official Netherlands Government website which doesn’t have it.

Photo posted in 2013 Source:

More Wrong ones –



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