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HOAX: Not #Plane, It’s is a coach of #Gatiman #Express by @sureshpprabhu
TRUTH: This Viral Interior of Gatiman Express is a Hoax and is actually
– interior of Plane of Air India with Hostess wearing Air India Dress
– this image was posted by Daily Telegraph Paper in June 2014
while Mr. Suresh Prabhu become Railway Minister in end of 2014
– It’s clear from the shape of the windows itself that it is of plane.
1. Clarity on Two Points, 1st it’s image of Air India plane & Secondly that this image was posted in June 2014 – http://ift.tt/1RzSx6D
2. Actual Interior of Gatiman Express –
http://ift.tt/1RzSxmR http://ift.tt/1RzSx6B

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Spread the truth:

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