A harmless fake news by a MP ?

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A message is viral on whatsapp claiming that all days in months with same date as of the month are Sundays

*This is absolutely CRAZY*
01-01-2018 *SUNDAY* – Truth: Monday
02-02-2018 *SUNDAY* – Truth: Thursday
03-03-2018 *SUNDAY* – Truth: Thursday
04-04-2018 *SUNDAY*
05-05-2018 *SUNDAY*
06-06-2018 *SUNDAY*
07-07-2018 *SUNDAY*
08-08-2018 *SUNDAY*
09-09-2018 *SUNDAY*
10-10-2018 *SUNDAY*
11-11-2018 *SUNDAY*
12-12-2018 *SUNDAY*

A Minister of State for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, in the Government of India, Babul Supriyo posts a ‘harmless’ fake news.

Many of his followers told him its wrong and he did admit being fooled but rejects their request for deleting the tweet calling it harmless

When someone advised him to be responsible being chosen by public, he agreed to it too.

Politely, like a gentleman, he agreed of being wrong but again, shouldn’t citizen’s representative check facts ?

And talking about Fakes, this wasn’t new. He goofed up few months ago too and was debunked.

Tweeted a computer generated image as “New Bus Stand”



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Spread the truth:

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