Dos & Don’ts for WhatsApp & the dangers involved.

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Without any doubt, Nokia’s tag line can be used for WhatsApp too – “Connecting People“.

Almost all of us open it everyday, even laugh out loud on a joke sent by a cousin, or a funny video sent by a friend. Many use it for calling, or even Video Calling. So one this is quite clear, WhatsApp is a boon to bring people together e.g. family groups, school groups, college groups, colleagues groups. It’s great at contacting. conversing with people, laughing together etc.

But, it’s not a News Source, actually it can be too but you need to confirm first from the people who sent it to you.

Many use “Forwarded as received” which certainly means even the sender don’t have any idea about it being true or not.

A clear proof of a message being fake usually has a tag line “Paid media will not show you this, if you are a real Indian, do forward to all”

This basically challenges you, trigger your Patriotism Hormone and you immediately hit forward button. But you shouldn’t, no body is distributing Patriotism Certificate anywhere.

Usually such message has religious or political hate contents based on lies meant to brainwash people which somehow succeeds.

Few months back, a Fake News on WhatsApp ended up taking lives of few. A message went viral that 3 people have kidnapped children and a mob ultimately beat up 3 to death.
Would you like to be part of someone’s death ? Hope Not.

This video is viral on WhatsApp with a warning “Do not go too near to such dangerous places, see a girl fell into flowing lava and died”
Now the video is too Shocking and looks real –


Many fell for this video and forwarded but this defies Common Sense which unfortunately is extinct or rather endangered.

1. How can one reach such place, with flowing Lava, the temperature is enormously high, people usually run away from such places, why would one go there to picture, and then look so calm and in such dress
2. This shows an explosion as she fell into the lava. Now can this really be true ? Did he body had fuel like petrol to cause explosion, on the contrary our body is made up of 70% of water, so how can water result in explosion.

This basically was a CGI generated video for fun, the girl actually was posing on rocks around sea and she did fell, but then came back up alive.

Do watch the real video and think again about WhatsApp Forwards.





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