This tweet on Chinese army is not from Indian Army’s official handle

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The Screenshot of a tweet purportedly made by the Indian Army is going viral on social media. The post shows that this is tweeted by Twitter handle ‘@adgpi_’ and has a profile picture of the Indian army’s logo.
The tweet reads: “We request our Chinese brothers to remove their camps and leave our area, otherwise, we will have to request again.”

The screenshot of a tweet is being shared with the caption: “Indian Surgical strike #laddakh Please go back”


Twitter user Zahid Siddique’s post has been liked by 1,400 users and retweeted over 300 times.


Most of the Pakistani users are sharing the screenshot from @adgpi_ as an official word from the Indian Army.


With the keywords search on Twitter and we found that @adgpi_ is a parody account. The name in its Twitter bio explicitly states ‘ADG PI- INDIAN ARMY- (parody)‘.  The account has joined Twitter on May 2020, this month only and also not verified by Twitter. Most of the Twitter users believing that this is a real account of the Indian Army by sharing the screenshot of the tweet.

The account archived here

We also found the original text of the tweet on the account but a collage of the tweet which going viral is deleted by the account. The tweet has been liked by 1,800 users and retweeted over 400 times.


The official handle of the Indian Army’s Additional Directorate General of Public Information, IHQ of MoD is @adgpi. The only difference is that the parody account has an underscore after the ‘adgpi’ @adgpi_.

The account archived here

We found a tweet from official handle @adgpi calling out propaganda handles who spread misinformation.

This confirms that the tweet from a parody handle is falsely linked as an official word from the Indian Army about the current standoff between Indian and Chinese military in Ladakh.

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Shweta Jamsandekar

An aspiring journalist from Symbiosis institute of media and communication.