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Disturbing street play video Revived with RSS spin by Pakistanis

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A video claiming to show a mass killing and public sale of the human body parts is going viral on social media with the false claim that it shows Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) members killing Muslims in India.

The video shows a grisly scene of supposedly dismembered bodies while three men appear to be smeared with what is claimed to be human blood. One of the men can be seen holding a sickle while another is seated on a mud ground and asks a horrified crowd watching the grotesque scene to buy the body parts.

The video is being shared by many Pakistani Twitter handles with the caption: “Are you watching? @hrw Where are you? @UN @realDonaldTrump @ImranKhanPTI @BDUTT. #IndiaOnBlacklist #RSS #RSSTerrorists #RSSTerrorism”


Many other users also shared the video.










The video is staged and does not depict the scene of a mass killing
Using the Screenshot of the video on Google reverse image search that led us to the several Media reports had already debunked the same viral video in May 2018 when it was being falsely shared claiming that it shows Rohingya Muslims killing and eating Hindus and found that it was a staged video.

The video has several clues that give it away as staged. The man in the video can be heard speaking in Hindi, ‘Aaiye aaiye meat lijiye; sasta ho gaya; hazaar rupaiye; lijiye sasta ho gaya’. (Come buy meat, thousand rupees, it has become cheap).

A poster in which the Hindi word for head (mundi) and English word meat spelt in Devanagari script can also been seen.

According to the report, the paint used in the video is too dark and too thick to be real blood. The surrounding mud would have turned dark and wet if it was real blood. In a video, severed head bleeding from the neck onward is actually a man buried under mud. We traced a white outline around the man’s body to show the same.

This confirms that the staged video falsely linked to the RSS killing Muslims in India.





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Shweta Jamsandekar

An aspiring journalist from Symbiosis institute of media and communication.