Did the Mumbai Police organise a celebratory announcement for a couple who got married at home?

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A video has been going viral on social media platforms that allegedly shows the Mumbai police applauding a couple for getting married within their home and without violating any rules and regulations set amidst the pandemic lockdown. The full video can be viewed here and a screenshot of the post is as follows:


The video begins with the couple looking down at the police from their balcony while a police officer, using a loudspeaker is seen speaking to the public in Marathi, stating that the  girl had gotten married without violating any rules. He wishes that the couple be able to host a function to commemorate their wedding post the pandemic and expresses his sorrow that the wedding had  to happen under such circumstances. He then goes on to play a Hindi song, “Mubarak Ho Tum Ko Yeh Shaadi Tumhaari” to congratulate the newlyweds.



The original post can be seen here and a screenshot of the same is as follows:






While the video being circulated is found to be legit, it has been taken out of context. The video was shot in Nasik and the police involved were from the Nasik police station. The office of Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray had tweeted regarding the same:

Sakal Times on April 29th had also reported on the same on their Facebook handle. The screenshot of the post is as follows and the original post can be viewed here.

Fact checking website BOOM had previously got in touch with the Nasik police to confirm the news. Nashik Police Commissioner, Vishwas Nangare Patil,  confirmed that the special gesture to acknowledge their act was planned by the Nashik Police. “This is around 8 days back when a couple had gotten married in the city following social distancing norms and was attended by the Nashik Police,” said Patil.

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